Florida casino gambling bill is killed off by its sponsor

Florida Gaming

Florida GamingAs predicted, the proposal to see the expansion of gambling in the state of Florida fell flat on its face and choked to death today as the sponsor of the bill pulled the measure from consideration for the 2012 legislative session.

According to Reuters, the House of Representatives’ sponsor of the bill, which sort to allow up to three resort casino developments in Miami-Dade and Broward counties, today conceded that it won’t be resurrected until at least 2013.

As we reported yesterday, the constitutional amendment had split the House and Senate at a meeting on Wednesday after its sponsor, Republican Erik Fresen, released a 146-page rewritten version to sway votes his way. Even so, a unanimous decision looked increasingly unlikely as two committee members: Rep. Carlos Trujillo, R-Miami, and Rep. Joseph Abruzzo, R-Wellington, had already said were “no” votes. Well, it seems today’s outcome confirmed its possible defeat, with Fresen asking that it be withdrawn from consideration. As the committee last scheduled meeting of the session – that means Floridians can kiss goodbye to new casinos in the state, until next year, perhaps.

After being warned that this would be the case, Fresen said he understood but still wanted to withdraw the bill “in order that the issue not be further lost in the outcome and to continue the conversation outside of the hyperbole.”
Was this the right decision for Fresen to take? It may give him more time to prepare the bill for next year’s session but by that time will it be too late?

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