Will the real Michael Caselli please stand up?

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Is this the real Caselli?

January in London is home to the most outrageous parties the iGaming industry can offer up and the job of covering what they’re all about is down to the new guy, aka me. After researching the conferences and events surrounding these parties you start to think whether the headache trying to get your head around it all is worse than the one you woke up with on January 1st.

The easy part is that ICE Totally Gaming runs from 24th January to 26th January before the London Affiliate Conference takes over from 26th to 29th. It’s when you delve into the party schedule you find yourself posing more questions that’s healthy. Is it all one big head-fuck or are these parties actually different? How much does it cost for a fresh set of veneers? Will the real Michael Caselli please stand up!?!

Being a young whippersnapper you think being asked to research two parties that look remarkably similar is part of the initiation. “We’ll get the dude to try and cover ICE ICE Baby and Fire & ICE. That’ll knock the stuffing outta the cocky so and so.”

Two parties, with similar names, organized by similar sounding people. I go to the bosses they say nay; they’re two parties in their own right but even they want more distinction than that.

Delving deeper you start to realize they’re ever so slightly different. ICE ICE Baby, taking place on Tuesday January 24th at 7:30pm, isn’t an what you might think…which is an iGaming industry tribute to Vanilla Ice. Instead it promises boozing with 1,100 industry colleagues organised by Sport Betting Community (SBC) founder Rasmus Sojmark…in collaboration with iGaming Super Show – an event that comes under the auspices of Alex Pratt and Michael Caselli. Basically, Rasmus works hard to get the drinks sponsors to make the night a messy one whilst Caselli and Pratt do their best to bring people to the table before the floor and finally the gutter.

Confusion comes with the next night’s festivities. Fire & ICE is the gambling industry’s longest running party. It hits London’s Gilgamesh and is organized by Lyceum Media’s Jodie Thind and…Michael Caselli. It also intends to get together everyone from the iGaming industry through the ancient art of drinking until you can’t walk and find yourself in the Victorian gutter of Ye Olde London.

Where’s the distinction then? Has Caselli’s thirst for partying caught up with him to the extent that two parties in two nights with the same two bunches of people can take place (not that we’re complaining, a party’s a party after all). Or is there actually two Michael Caselli’s in the iGaming industry?

Probing further gives a better indication of what differs between the two nights of the Caselli-party-athon. ICE ICE Baby is a free knees-up aimed at giving the worst hangover imaginable. Fire & ICE is the entertainment event of January with most guests paying for their own drinks. WOW. Am I glad that’s finally cleared itself up. I’ve had better cases of Delhi belly!

CaselliHow about those veneers…we would ask Caselli how much it was to get the infamous pirate party tooth fixed but alas we had no idea who to contact! Next time you’re at an iGaming industry party just make sure you take a look at the teeth. Might be the only way you can tell the difference between the two!


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