Self excluded gamblers in AC have winnings seized

Chips seized

Chips seizedAtlantic City casino business locations have seized over $70,000 from self-excluded gamblers over the past year. In the biggest case $54,000 won by a person identified as “GSD” was seized by Bally’s after a three-hour poker session. The Division of Gaming Enforcement is in charge of implementing the regulations and under them it sounds as though the self-excluded players barely have a leg to stand on.

David Rebuck, acting director of the Division of Gaming Enforcement, explained: “The Division of Gaming Enforcement continues to enforce compliance with the regulations to prevent individuals from gambling if they appear on the self-exclusion list. Individuals who have placed themselves on the list have signed an agreement that all winnings are subject to forfeiture. By removing the incentive to gamble, the division supports the efforts of self-excluded persons to address their gambling problems.”

Another player, “YZ”, won $13,228 after a four-hour Baccarat session at the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa back in February. That was before casino security (the ones that were so careful to keep him out in the first place) flagged them down and took chips away before asking them to leave. As with the Bally case, the winnings are subject to forfeiture and it would seem there’s little chance of them getting the stash back. This is not the first time this has happened though.

Earlier this year we reported a New Zealander had appealed a ruling that saw his jackpot winnings of $60,000 seized under a similar scheme. Sothea Sinn who had placed himself on the list back in 2004 won the sum on the Caribbean Stud game in August 2010. The Department of Internal Affairs ruled that casino’s involved had no right to withhold the winnings and returned them.

Obviously, it’s difficult to keep tabs on everyone entering the casino but the scheme failing shows one of the pitfalls of land-based locations tackling problem gambling. Compare this to the online gaming industry. Limiting yourself is as easy as picking up a phone and dialing the number of the world’s most well thought-of online sportsbooks and casinos. A matter of minutes later you’ll be excluded and can be safe in the knowledge they won’t let you back in again.