New Sky Poker UK Online Poker Series starts today

Auto DraftSky Poker UK Online Poker Series (UKOPS) will start today – as the inaugural event, the virtual series will promise some high guarantees over eight events running until 6 November.

The UKOPS will feature a mixture of events including a Bounty Hunter tournament, a Pot Limit Omaha one rebuy/one add-on, a £500 +£30 High Roller event and a £20 +£2 turbo rebuy tournament.

Poker star, Dave Bland, who will most likely be there kicking everyone else’s butts, said: “The UKOPS is the natural follow-on from the Sky Poker Tour. With such a popular live event series it was only a matter of time before Sky put its name to a huge online series too, and we hope the first ever UKOPS will cater to high roller and recreational players from all around the UK.”

Event #1 is the £100 +£10 Bounty Hunter tournament that has a £20,000 guarantee attached to it. For each opponent a player knocks out they receive 75% of their bounty in cash and the other 25% is added to their own head, making them more attractive to attack.

Sky Poker‘s grand finale will take place at 1900 on Sunday 6 November, Event number 8, the £200 +£20 Main Event, with a £40,000 guarantee, with players starting the main event with 8,000 chips playing to a 15-minute clock.

Blinds will start at 15/30 then go up very gradually to 20/40, 30/60 and 40/80. The poker series assures that by the time players have been at the virtual felt for two hours they will still only be paying 125/250 in blinds.

For those wanting to have a go who don’t want to risk their life savings, then there will be many satillites running daily, which start at £1.20 a go. Cheap as chips! Well..