Gaming Laboratories International expands into Asian lottery industry

Gaming Laboratories International

Gaming Laboratories InternationalThe test lab and inspectors for the gaming industry, Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), are expanding yet again. This time – in the lottery side of the industry.

Ever since the company opened the first full-service and accredited gaming test lab in the Macau region, it has been growing in the area. Recently, GLI Asia executed numerous lottery projects in Beijing; China, South Korea and Taiwan.

The announcement comes at a time when GLI Asia’s General Manager Larry Xiao has been a sought-after figure in the lottery industry, with requests for him to speak on numerous lottery issues. Most recently, Xiao was invited to speak at the International Conference on Public Welfare and Gaming Industry at Peking University and at the Asian Sports and Welfare Lottery Summit in Singapore. So with such knowledge in the lottery field, it’s makes sense that they would expand into this market.

Managing Director of GLI’s Asia Pacific Operations, Ian Hughes, said: “We are absolutely thrilled with the growth of our Asia operation, both in terms of clients served and our expanding staff. We recently added more than 10 full-time engineering staff in the GLI Asia full-service lab, and the lab has doubled in size since its opening in January 2009.

GLI’s success in the Asia lottery industry is mirrored by its success in other parts of the lottery world. GLI tests for more than 65 lottery jurisdictions globally, and for more than 455 jurisdictions in the global gaming industry. GLI is an associate member of the European Lotteries Association (ELA), the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL), and of the World Lottery Association (WLA).

Hughes continued to postulate why GLI are the best thing since sliced bread: “GLI Asia has brought more real value-added services to the regulators and operators in the land-based, iGaming and lottery segments throughout the Asian region, also to Asia-based and international suppliers.”

GLI were also recently recognised by GGB magazine’s Gaming Technology Awards for their mobile app in the “Best Productivity-Enhancement Technology” category. Seems like they’re on a roll.