Online Poker on the Agenda in Massachusetts

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boston-massachusett-gambling-regulationYesterday was the deadline for Massachusetts state lawmakers to file amendments to the Massachusetts expanded gambling legislation currently being discussed at Beacon Hill.  State Republican Dan Winslow filed an amendment to allow Internet Poker if the gambling legislation is passed by the state government.

Dan Winslow is joining other poker patriots such as New Jersey’s Ray Lesniak and California’s Lou Correa who have been pushing for poker regulation in their respective states. Let’s hope Winslow has more success than Lesniak or Correa.

Winslow said the amendment fits in nicely with the proposed gambling bill which centers around the casino business and slot machines. Winslow contends that allowing poker will maximize the total revenue under the bill while creating jobs in the states sagging tech-sector.

The amendment isn’t without detractors as State Treasurer Steven Grossman calls the plan “reckless and irresponsible.”  Grossman contends the amendment is a violation of federal gambling laws.

Winslow retorts that poker is a game of skill and federal laws against gambling don’t apply to the game of poker. “This one, I think, is a great opportunity for Massachusetts to take the lead. No state in the country has yet enacted legislation to authorize and regulate Internet poker,” Winslow told the Milford Daily News.

Under the Winslow plan, the state would issue 5 licenses to operate Internet Poker in the state. While exact details weren’t available, Winslow inferred the Massachusetts Internet Poker regulation wouldn’t be just for players from the four corners of the state but rather the four corners of the world.

It’s interesting that these politicians seem to be cool with letting poker players of the world play come to play in their yard but get uppity when you suggest that Americans can play online poker in someone else’s backyard.

Another point of contention is that Winslow said that there will be a rake of 10% in which the Government would take a 70% share. He’s obviously not aware of the online poker rakeback war going in the market.

Still we wish Winslow good luck in his attempt to allow the people of Massachusetts to enjoy a game of poker at their computers.



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