Super hottie Melanie Iglesias resigns from WPT

melanie iglesias It was roughly two weeks ago at a press conference at the Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens, when WPT president Adam Pliska introduced two new sexy Royal Flush Girls, Melissa Fisher and Mica Javier. The two ladies were about to be joining one of the more popular poker hotties contingents and would be teaming up with the other four Royal Flush Girls including the popular Melanie Iglesias, Michelle Banzer, Sunisa Kim and Melyssa Grace.

Mica JavierPliska praised the girls for how effective the Royal Flush Girls had been. A picture of Pliska posing with Michelle Banzer, Melanie Iglesias, and Mica Javier, was tweeted the next day. Between then and now, something went terribly wrong.

Less than one week later, right in the middle of the Legends of Poker tournament, the very same three girls in that photo Michelle Banzer, Melanie Iglesias, and Mica Javier all turned their backs and resigned from the World Poker Tour, one right after the other, tweeting their way out the door.

Who cares?

michelle banzerPretty girls come and go. They will be replaced, but the WPT better take care to replace them with equally or hotter girls. Yes, it’s true that Melanie Iglesias had a huge following and yes there’s plenty of young men that follow her fine arse on Twitter, and yes, they were probably moderately upset to see her tweet: “I have officially resigned from the World Poker Tour. No questions at the moment, please. Thank you.”

But they, like the rest of us, will get over it.

According to QuadJacks, Victory Poker executive producer Nima Nejat(@NimaTime) went as far as to suggest that Melanie Iglesias resigning from the World Poker Tour was akin to Steve Jobs resigning as CEO of Apple. Rubbish.

In fact, the only reason I’m writing about this is to give one last opportunity to remember the delicious WPT eye candy that was once Michelle Banzer, Melanie Iglesias, and Mica Javier, part of the Royal Flush Girl team.