Weekly Poll Results

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asia mapBy now it’s common knowledge that the potential of the Asian online gaming market is through the roof. With such potential, the many operations are finding ways to boost their presence and operations in the booming Asian market in some capacity.

Those operators who are successful in doing so will reap the benefits of positioning themselves in one of the most lucrative online gaming markets in the world.

With that in mind, we polled the question, “Does your company have operations in Asia”? Here are the responses.

50 percent of the responses indicated Yes, we are in Asia.

31 percent were not in Asia and had no current plans to move to Asia.

19 percent did not have operations in Asia but planned to have operations in the Asian market soon. Better late than never, as long as it is not too late.

The question for most operators is not when, but how to penetrate this Asian market which is relatively different from the other gaming markets around the globe. One of the ways in which some operators have made forays into the vast online gaming Asian market is through the Junkets model.

The Junkets operations in Macau already contributes over 70 percent of all gaming revenue in Macau.

To find out more about how the Junkets Model works check out’s Viewpoints.


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