France outlaws referring to social networks; Don’t underestimate Aussie MP

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FrenchmanFrance has outlawed radio broadcasters using lines to promote social networks on the airwaves. France’s Superior Audiovisual Council has banned lines such as “Follow us on Twitter” and Find us on Facebook”. Instead firms are advised to simply refer to “social media.”

It comes in the wake of Nicholas Sarkozy’s e-G8 summit under two weeks ago when he was given a Facebook T-shirt by Mark Zuckerberg. Whether they’re still friends on the site isn’t clear but France will be merde in the minds of many in the social media space.

Nick XenophonIndependent Australian Senator Nick Xenophon has warned the government not to underestimate Andrew Wilkie. We were hoping that it was to do with his antics on the Sydney club scene or even his propensity to drink until he passes. Alas. It’s to do with his commitment to achieving poker machines reform. Dang, we were excited there for a minute.

Xenophon told the Ten Network, “Absolutely. Don’t underestimate Andrew Wilkie. This is a man that had a very comfortable career. He threw it away because he blew the whistle on so-called weapons of mass destruction in relation to the Iraq conflict.

“Don’t underestimate Andrew Wilkie’s resolve on this.”

Xenophon’s rank extended to the states who can’t be trusted with the wide-ranging reform that is needed. also explained that the state. He added, “Apart from window-dressing they’ve failed on gambling reform.

“We still have hundreds of thousands of people affected by poker-machine addiction. The Commonwealth does have the power. It’s got the corporations power, banking powers, telecommunications powers. It’s a question of political will.”

There’s still a long road ahead but Wilkie wants the reform legislation to be passed by May next year otherwise, his support for Labor will be withdrawn.


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