Long layoffs killing NBA playoff excitement

heat fanWhatever happened to having games played every other day? So far, there hasn’t been a single decent explanation as to why there should be approximately four days between game 2 and 3 in the Miami Heat series versus the Chicago Bulls.

There is absolutely no need for there to be that big of a gap between NBA playoff games. The NBA routinely does this and it doesn’t make any sense. If anything, it cheapens the game in my opinion.

The playoffs are supposed to be a grind, they’re supposed to be a battle of attrition. How tired can players really be if they’re getting three days of rest in between games? The Miami Heat played the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday May 17th. They will not play again until Sunday, why?

There’s at least one player who should enjoy the rest, and that’s Derrick Rose. Rose has the hardest assignment in the playoffs having to carry the offensive load for the Chicago Bulls against the suffocating defence of the Heat while being guarded by LeBron James and D. Wade.

For those of us who like to take into account an older team facing fatigue when we bet, that still remains applicable since the OKC Thunder and the Mavs are on a regular playoff schedule.

Given the fact that Jason Kidd who is 38 years old, and Jason Terry and Peja Stojakovic are 33 years old and Dirk Nowitzki is 32, without a long layoff, the Thunder should gain an edge. The Mavs must be looking at the Miami and Chicago series and wishing they had the same amount of time to recuperate.

Perhaps the worst part is if I’m a gambler that is only betting on the Heat and Bulls, I’m not checking my account for days in between games, which means I’m missing all sorts of props and other wagering options that could entice me if I was checking my account every other day, like I would if I was betting on the NHL Playoffs.