Florida the next to look at intra state gambling


florida-looks-at-intra-state-gamblingWith intra state gambling continuing to gather pace in the United States, Florida have shown their cards when it comes to introducing legislation.

Following in the footsteps of first New Jersey and early last week Iowa, legislators in the state have introduced two bills to the state Senate to bring online wagering to the Sunshine of South Beach.

If passed, the bill will allow pari-mutuels to operate online gambling sites for Florida residents. The pari mutuels will include horse and dog tracks, and jai alai frontons.

It’s thought that the state could benefit to the tune of $37million every year once the online poker sites have established themselves, which is generally thought to be around three years.

The bill has bipartisan support and has been sponsored by Democrat Senate Representative Joseph Abruzzo and Republican Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla.

Commenting on the bill, Rep. Matt Caldwell, a republican, said of Abruzzo’s bill: “It appears to embrace the gambling culture that currently avails itself of non-gambling video game rooms.

“I support the current arrangement in Florida wherein nontribal gaming can only exist in the counties where we have approved its existence. Gambling is controversial enough that local communities who oppose its existence should not be burdened with it.”

In terms of online gambling in the state generally, Caldwell thinks that “those who are dead set against it outnumber those who are dead set for it.”

Even if Florida don’t sound to sure about what they’re doing in terms of online gambling, Iowa could very easily beat them to the winning post and take the title of first state to offer intra state wagering.