Fergie’s face may be a lot more red come Sunday


fergie-v-dalglishWhen Manchester United head to Anfield to face Liverpool there’s usually enough spice without two angry Scots facing off in rival dugouts to stoke the fire.

If there was a competition to see who the more angry of the two is right now, the steam rising from the ears of United boss Sir Alex Ferguson is likely to be far more substantial than that emanating from Kenny Dalglish’s.

After Tuesday’s loss to former Champions Chelsea, Fergie went on the offensive and criticized the referee on their in-house TV station, MUTV. This has now meant that by screening it, the manager won’t give interview to the TV channel. After also banning the BBC if you get any words out of the manager it might be a minor miracle. (You’re always welcome here on the tablog Alex!)

His mood may well be infinitely worse come Sunday afternoon.

Liverpool’s ground hasn’t been a happy hunting ground for the past few years and you’d imagine that being without your two first choices at centre half would be a blessing. The run around Nemanja Vidic is usually given by Liverpool means having to deputize with Chris Smalling and Wes Brown might not be the worst thing in the world.

The two managers are both born and bred Glaswegians meaning it might be exciting were they to re-enact some of the scenes that were seen on Wednesday night in the Old Firm derby. Odds on who would win would probably see you in Dalglish’s corner but Fergie probably fights fairly dirty and the wily vet might use a foreign object in the shape of chewing gum to disable his opponent before performing the five star frog splash.

If Liverpool somehow do pull off a minor shock then it will open the door to ArsenLOL and may even also give Chelsea a look in, as they sit 12 points behind with a covetous look at their trophy. The Londoners have a game in hand, which combined with a loss for United this weekend could close the gap to six points. Exciting stuff indeed!