iMEGA chairman appears on FOX Business News

Image Courtesy of Fox Business
Image Courtesy of Fox Business

Tonight is the night in New Jersey. After all the speculation of the past few weeks and the trade talk involving the Devils and Nets, the real news that everyone’s been waiting for will come down.

Governor Chris Christie has until midnight EST to decide whether the state’s online gambling bill is to his liking and the champagne will be on ice at many an online gambling installation across the country.

One of those that has backed the bill from the outset is the chairman of Interactive Media Entertainment & Gaming Association (iMEGA) Joe Brennan Jr.

Over the past couple of weeks a day hasn’t gone by when the group hasn’t released something telling of the merits of the scheme. Whether it be jobs or the state becoming the “Silicon Valley” of online gaming the arguments are binding enough to make most believe that it’s a good thing for the state.

On the eve of the decision, Brennan has appeared on FOX Business News to answer a number of questions on the bill. The video that can be viewed below looks at what it could mean for the state and identifies many of the facts about online gaming in the US already.

We’re already anticipating some party when the decision gets handed down later today as long as Christie doesn’t decide that veto is his favourite word of the day.

You can watch the video here