POKER NEWS: Isildur1 loses big; Mizzi accused of cheating

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poker-news-isildur1-mizziAfter an impressive run of victories, a familiar foe brought Viktor “Isildur1” Blom back down to earth with a bump on PokerStars.

Blom had won the last three SuperStar Showdown’s and had an upswing in his balance of around $260k but this didn’t bother party pooper Scott “urnotindangr” Palmer.

Four hundred hands of $25/$50 PLO were played on various tables, Palmer ending the night up by a cool $175k.

Blom was able to recover slightly and after a few small victories he ended the night down £168k. Might not have been the best idea moving to PokerStars and revealing all.

Bluff Magazine’s Player of the Year, Sorel Mizzi, has been accused of cheating and attempting to intoxicate another of poker’s premier players.

Posts on various forums suggest that November Niner John Racener played a game of Chinese poker at the recent PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in December and identified cheating by Mizzi.

Shaun Deeb’s post on 2+2 read: “He notices sorels shuffling is leaving the 2 bottom cards in place they haven’t moved from the deck. As he starts to deal he notices the first card he deals himself is the bottom card of the deck. He keeps watching sorel and once he’s done dealing john says hes going take the hand with 14 cards in it sorel goes into a tantrum saying it’s his hand his deal. John says I know what you were doing picks up the 14 card pile and shows the bottom card which is the joker. He tells sorel he’s not paying him whatever amount hes down 5-20k and that he’s a scumbag etc.”

Mizzi has since denied the accusations, stating that they were “absurd, far-fetched and severe that the magnitude of the lies almost make me at a complete loss of words.”

Racener also accused Mizzi of trying to get him drunk so it begs the question as to whether Bluff’s POY mistook the November Niner for a girl he’d taken a liking to the night before.


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