Tablets driving mobile growth

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tablets-driving-mobile-growthEver since Apple decided the kick-start, the smart device industry with their first edition of the iPhone in 2007 that part of the industry has gone from strength-to-strength and online gambling has only started to reap the rewards. Steve Jobs and co. look like they’ve kicked off another phenomenon after releasing a glorified electronic piece of paper last year.

The iPad, which started a trend for smart tablet devices, has further boosted the development of mobile apps and could eventually surpass laptops in terms of sales. Although that may be a very long way off, or not even happen, it’s a realistic prospect if the growth continues at the current rate.

A report by Forrester Research looks at where the most mobile traffic comes from using a number of different sites, and the results show the two aforementioned devices way out in front. It might surprise you as to which is the leader of the two though.

An average of typical mobile traffic visiting a site shows that 45.5% comes through iPads, whereas 33.1% is through iPhone’s.

“In spite of the fact that the iPad was only introduced in the spring of 2010,” Forrester’s analysts observed, “it immediately proved to be a formidable driver of traffic through mobile devices. Many retailers report that already half of what they consider to be mobile traffic is coming through tablet devices.”

Many gambling companies have already explored the possibility of developing Apps for tablet PCs and the ones who have will be happy to hear these latest figures.


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