SA’s SportsBet teams up with Income Access, has become among the first South African online bookmakers to launch a new affiliate programme using a white label version of the Income Access affiliate marketing software.

South African bookmaker provides competitive odds on a range of national and international sports and horse racing events. Additionally, offers live in-running betting on daily events and is powered by Australia’s BetOptions WAGERplayer software.

Lisa Haines, CEO of Sportsbet commented, “We are one of the first sports books to offer an affiliate programme in South Africa, and with the sports betting market exploding, it makes for an opportune time for affiliates to come on board.”

Since 2002, Income Access has worked with operators and affiliate marketers alike, to help them succeed in the online gaming space. Income Access offers four types of services to cater to different marketing objectives: an affiliate network, affiliate software, affiliate management, and an SEM agency. Income Access also emphasizes affiliate marketing transparency.

Given Income Access’s track record, the choice was relatively simple for “We are ready to leverage a very unique opportunity in South Africa, and using the right software will give us the tools we need to analyse, strategise and ensure all of our partners are successful,” added Lisa Haines.