John Morrison Sports Betting Champ scam revealed

john morrisonBy now, as gaming industry professionals you’ve probably seen or heard of the adds for the Sports Betting Champ, a gambling system currently being marketed by John Morrison.

The website makes claims of a 97% win rate and the ability to make $50K per week and it requires users to shell out a $197 to be in the loop. It’s pretty unbelievable what the site claims to be able to do. In fact with a track record as solid as this site claims, why the hell would anyone bet with anyone else? But like most things, when something sounds to good to be true, it’s usually a scam.

Who is John Morrison? Did he really get his PHD in statistics from Cornell? What’s his relationship with BetUS?

There’s many things about the John Morrison betting system that should raise some red flags for bettors out there.
I’ve always believed that scam artists that trick bettors give our industry a bad reputation. Firstly, it discourages trust between bettors and sportsbooks and secondly, it falls very short of the standard principles of transparency and integrity.

A long time ago this betting scam was exposed by Sportsbook Review as a complete scam and yet it still appears that bettors are out there getting fooled. The sad thing about it, is it’s actually a well thought out marketing scheme, it’s a shame the premise relies on bettors being inexperienced and thoroughly uninformed.

Here’s a simple explanation from Sportsbook Review of exactly why bettors shouldn’t be so quick to put their trust in the John Morrison betting system.