LAC’s 5th Birthday Party at Tiger Tiger

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LAC Birthday Party 2The London Affiliate Conference is 5 years old this year and to celebrate, iGB Affiliates threw a kickass party at Tiger Tiger in Haymarket. Of course, the team was on the ground ensuring all of the mayhem was covered and reported on.

The atmosphere brought people back to Studio 54 with an illuminated dance floor and bar tenders dressed like go-go dancers. A few hundred people were in and out through the night, bumping, grinding and shaking a leg to the dance hits of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

The Bodog Tiki bar themed conference booth seemed to be the launching point as most of the partiers who started at the Tiki Bar were the same partiers who made their way to Tiger Tiger.

It wasn’t all groovy baby, as like most conference events, the gentleman far outnumbered the ladies but we’re sure the Bodog Girls provided a nice bit of eye candy for the gents in attendance.
Drinking has never been a problem for affiliate conference folks. The early revelers enjoyed the £5,000 bar tab as the tab LAC Birthday Party 3was tapped by 11pm.

While it wasn’t on par with the mayhem level of Bodog or Calvin Ayre parties, (OK we’ve been spoiled) everyone in the club, had a fantastic night inside the club.

If you’re not ready for your night to be over, we’ve been told a large group of LAC partiers are moving the festivities to the Grange Hotel lobby.

We’ve just received word from those outside Tiger Tiger that a young man, not affiliated with the LAC’s 5th birthday party, was tragically hit by a speeding car. According to witnesses, the young man is in pretty rough shape and to make matters worse the driver failed to remain at the scene. We’re told he’s in stable condition and on his way to the hospital. It will definitely put a damper on the birthday party and will be the non-conference talk on the floor at the LAC Saturday.

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