Yes Kobe, we get it, you’re a star

kobe bryantFor a man, when is it enough praise? Perhaps winning five NBA championships, two without the most dominant center to ever play the game, and being called the best basketball player on the planet for most of the decade just isn’t enough for a man. Not if that man’s name is Kobe Bryant.

Perhaps Bryant was tired of simply being the star of stars in Hollywood every night he threw on the purple and gold. He needed something more permanent. Those legs aren’t as young as they used to be, he won’t be playing under the lights forever, how could Kobe make certain that he put his stamp on Hollywood forever? You can imagine the thought process. Star, Hollywood, star, Hollywood, Star Holly…Hollywood Star. Bingo.

Kobe Bryant has been approved to receive his star, enshrined in the Hollywood walk of fame. I’m guessing some people will be surprised about this, mainly because one would assume that Hollywood’s walk of fame would be extremely hard to get on to. One would also assume that someone would at least have to feature in the industry to an honorable degree to receive such recognition. On both fronts, nothing could be further from the truth.

It’s just not that big of a deal anymore to have your own star. I can’t lie, it’s still a pretty cool thing to have, but it’s not as exclusive as it once was. In the old days, the star on the Hollywood walk of fame was a honor that was bestowed on the best actors and actresses and professionals in the film and TV industry. These days, money talks. Sure, they have a board that approves or rejects requests, but if people like Judge Judy, Vanna White, Michael Bolton and the damn Rugrats have stars how much of an honor is it really? Judge Judy gets a star for being a bitchy judge who’s always right, and Vanna White, she gets a star for flipping letters?

Why doesn’t Phil Jackson, the greatest coach of all time have a star?

Even David Spade has a star. Don’t get me wrong, I actually liked and laughed at Joe Dirt, but if that’s where the barometer is at, then who doesn’t have one? Hell if that’s how it is, the gambling industry should be getting together and nominating one of our poker players to have a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

Vanna White, really? She’s beautiful yes, really? Shit, if that’s how it is, I might even throw in a nominee for certain gaming industry billionaire or even my damn self, just to test the waters. I can flip letters too.