Report identifies the current trends in gambling

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report-identifies-trendsFor a long time now, the world at large has watched as the gambling industry shifts east in search of pastures new with Macau being the star in Asia’s crown. It’s something that has been reiterated on this site more times than we can count on all our fingers and toes and this goes along with something else you’ll have heard here on the tablog quite a lot – our opinion on public and private online gaming companies. carried the story that today Global Betting & Gaming Consultants have released figures that show the two points that we’ve mentioned above. In the gambling industry as a whole, five of the world’s top 10 gambling companies are currently based in Asia. The company top of the list, Las Vegas Sands, although based in the US gets the majority of its revenues from Asia.

The next five entries in that list comprises Genting (Singapore), Sands China (China), Wynn Macau (China), SJM Holdings (China) and, Kangwon Land (S Korea).
It’s perhaps a bit more interesting to see what they had to say on remote, or online gambling. The consultants list the online firms as Playtech in first, followed by the recently floated Betfair, with bwin and PartyGaming finishing the top four.

Interestingly GBGC added that “the profits of the sector’s listed online companies comfortably surpass those of their privately held counterparts,” however the consultants estimate that the “top five private online companies are four times more profitable than the top five listed online companies.”

There you have it. Evidence, if you needed it, of the private companies and their nimble approach working, as well as the expansion in Asia continuing unabated.


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