Fishy business in Israeli gambling den


fishy-business-in-israelIf you’ve never seen the distinct link between fish and the gambling industry then read on, and if you do…then have a drink on us!

There are a number of territories the world round who feel that by offering some gambling that they’re doing their bit for the industry. Whether the place in which you reside offers sports betting, casino, poker, bingo, or a combination, there’s a chance that you’ll have one of them. The thing is it isn’t really much of a solution.

Take the example of Israel. The Middle East country is currently in a situation where they only permit a lottery and sports betting on land, let alone anything online.

Nonetheless, a story on Gaming Zion seems to suggest that you could try your hand at online gambling in an illegal den that was operating in the back of a fish shop.

Police noticed a group of railway workers stumbling around drunkenly after exiting the rear of the property and found that all they had was evidence of chips – and not the ones that you might buy at a fish and chip joint.

Upon further inspection, it was discovered that the casino had been operating for a number of months with three poker tables and as many as 10 computer terminals where players could gamble at online casinos. When in there they exchanged money for virtual chips and played mainly blackjack, slots or roulette.

This again reiterates the need for certain countries to seriously look at regulation in the future. If you allowed people to play online with UK style regulation then you wouldn’t be looking at closing fish and chips shops that don’t have the kind of chips you’re hoping for. Although with their IP blocking plans, it’s unlikely they’ll change their tune any time soon.