Bellagio chip thief has a fight on his hands

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bellagio-chip-theftIf by stealing a load of chips from the Las Vegas Bellagio was meant to give the perpetrator the same notoriety as one of the stars of Oceans Eleven then this guy must be pretty puzzled right now. Why are people, instead of asking for a signed photo, out to get him? All he did was steal a load of plastic.

Well that’s all it will be very soon – a useless amount of high-molecular polymer.

After we told of the heist mid-way through this month, and the fact that each chip is fitted with RFID, things looked pretty bad. Then Vegas’ very own Robin Hood decided he was going to get in on the action and put on the green suit for another mission. Now the casino itself is out to get the guy. It was never this hard for George Clooney!

According to a story on, the Bellagio owners MGM Resorts International, is discontinuing its standard chip, valued at $25,000 by April 22. This means they must be redeemed by that date after which they become worthless.

“Obviously, anyone walking with one of the old series is going to be subject to a certain amount of questioning as to how they obtained them – assuming it isn’t someone we know. It’s pretty unusual for someone we don’t know to come strolling up with a handful of $25,000 chips,” said Alan Feldman, MGM Resorts spokesman.

Now it’s just a race between Robin Hood and MGM Resorts to see who catches the fugitive first. I’ll have £10 on Robin Hood please.


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