Prince of Thieves puts up money to find chip thief

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robin-hood-702Earlier this month the gambling industry in Vegas was abuzz with talk of a chip theft from the Bellagio, as a thief made off with 2m of the things. If it wasn’t bad enough that the thief will have to cash the chips to get any of the proceeds, he now has the Prince of Thieves, Robin Hood, up against him.

Well it’s not the actual Robin Hood, or the one the second rate one played by Robin Williams in Hook, but a well known high roller has put up some cash to help in the hunt for the newest inductee to the World’s Dumbest Criminals hall of fame.

“I’m sure that he’s told someone about this event or these chips. Money is the root of evil. I’m hoping maybe this guy will turn in his friend for 50 grand,” Robin Hood 702 said.

Hood has put up a reward of $50,000 to anyone that can provide more information on the whereabouts of the chip thief, and this follows him stating his desire to help out those in need with his casino winnings.

“If Vegas shuts down, I’m out of business for helping people,” he said.
Well if you want somewhere else to go, other than Neverland, Macau is doing rather well these days.


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