Top 10 Poker Stories of 2010

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Harry ReidHere’s a quick look at some of the top Poker Stories of 2010.

1. US Poker Bill Fails – For a full recap please read Steven Stradbrooke’s excellent coverage of Harry Reid’s failed poker bill.

2. Washington State – Seattle lawyer Lee Rousso challenged the states ban on internet gambling. Two lower state courts and the Washington State Supreme court unanimously shot down a challenge to the ban. The loss in the courts forced Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars to pull out of the American Northwest.

3. Rush Poker – Rush poker revolutionized the way people play poker. I admit I don’t have the patience for long tournaments. I’m the guy that after an hour of play, I say F it and go all in a few times just to get some action. Full Tilt Poker created a game where as soon as you win, lose or fold a hand, you are immediately dealt into a new hand on a new table. I wasn’t bored but I sure as heck wasn’t up after an hour of play.

4. The “Ladies” WSOP – Shaun Deeb tried to be clever by entering the World Series of Poker ladies tournament in drag. He wasn’t the only one as two other men did the same. He wore a dress and makeup as he tried to prove to be the best of the ladies.

5. Phil “The Unabomber” Laak – I get bored playing poker, as I mentioned, I have about an hour of poker in me before I go tilt. I mention that because to mention this, Phil Laak set the Guinness Record for playing 115 consecutive hours of poker. I think the only thing I’ve managed to do for 115 hours straight is breathing. It was a heck of a feat.

6. Negreanu vs. Duke – These two are not fans of each other but after the “Ladies” WSOP controversy, they reignited their war of words. Negraneau and Duke were bickering back and forth so Duke had Negraneau’s PokerStars chat blocked. Negraneau, none too pleased, sent Duke an email where he called her a “Dizzy Cunt”. In the UK the C word is thrown around liberally but stateside, calling a woman a C, is like setting off a nuclear bomb. There’s just no going back.

7. Isildur1 – Nobody knows who this guy is but he’s probably the most famous internet Poker player in the world right now. He’ll be revealing himself soon as Isildur1 recently signed a deal with Poker Stars to join team Poker Stars.

8. Macau – Is home to the highest stakes poker games in the World. During the Asian Poker Tour’s Macau event, some pros were taking down millions in cash games. Tom Dwan is said to have pocketed $9 Million in the cash games. Chau Giang is said to have won $2.5 million in a single hand.

9. Jonathan Duhamel first Canadian WSOP Winner –Duhamel took a huge lead into the final table before winning the Jonathan Duhamel Champ2010 WSOP becoming the first Canadian to win the WSOP Main Event. Jonathan Duhamel has the potential with his young, hip style to become a star in Canada, which says something considering he’s not a hockey player.

10. WSOP Bracelets For Sale – 2010 saw a few WSOP Bracelets hit eBay as some veteran poker players hit hard times. One however was selling his for all the right reasons. Peter Eastgate won the 2008 WSOP Main event and this year decided to walk away. He auctioned off his bracelet for $147,500 to donate the money to UNICEF.


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