Dana Workman is the CalvinAyre.com Reporter Contest Winner

Dana Workman Reporter Contest Winner

Today CalvinAyre.com has announced that veteran actress and host Dana Workman has won the CalvinAyre.com Reporter Contest.

Workman beat out hundreds of entrants and 12 very good finalists to win the on camera video reporting contract with CalvinAyre.com

With the win, Workman will live the VIP lifestyle that goes along with being part of the Calvin Ayre team. She will travel the world to cover the hottest events, coolest parties and to hobnob with the top executives in the iGaming industry.

Travel and gaming are two areas where Workman is quite familiar. She spent two seasons as the co-host of HDNet’s Get Out! travel program. In the gaming industry she’s best known for her work as the host of Poker2Nite appearing on the Versus and Fox Sports Networks.

I had a chance to chat with Dana shortly after she found out about the big win.

“Winning anything feels awesome,” Workman said laughing, “but (winning) something like this and in my field? Amazing!”

As this isn’t Workman’s first foray into the gaming world, we asked her if there is something in particular that attracts her to the gaming industry or what is it that attracts the gaming industry to her.

“We seem to work very well together and have attracted each other. In the years I’ve been associated with the gaming industry, I’ve enjoyed every aspect of it and am getting better and better at Poker. Watch out!” she tempered her warning, “I feel I’m pretty good but the pros would probably laugh at me!”

We wouldn’t say laughing at her but rather with her as Workman has the heart of a comedian. She’s acted in comedies and when you see her just being herself in from of the camera, her comedic gifts shine through. When asked if she has a preference between acting and hosting, Workman said “I’ve done mainly comedy, so if it’s acting or hosting, I always maintain an element of my own humor and personality in anything I’m doing. I really enjoy both as long as I can appeal and connect with people in one way or another.”

Despite hosting a travel show, Workman is looking forward to traveling with the CalvinAyre.com team. We asked her aboutDana Workman on Beach her previous travel experiences, “I’ve been to Europe once, and was only in Prague – which is supposedly the most beautiful city IN Europe.” She continues, “However, I had nothing to reference it to, so it took me a few days to figure out I wasn’t in Disneyland with all the castles and beauty, but it was absolutely amazing!”

When asked what exotic location she has on her bucket list, “ I would love to go to Australia. I’ve wanted to go there ever since I was little.”

Australia maybe in her future, considering some of the past events CalvinAyre.com reporters have covered such as the Asia Casino and Gaming Conference held at the beautiful Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, the Budapest Affiliate Conference in Hungary, Super Bowl XLIV in Miami Florida, World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. Of course, who could forget Calvin’s own legendary birthday party in Prague.

Finally, she gave us a hint at what our readers can expect from Dana Workman – CalvinAyre.com Reporter, “A five ring circus, fire breathing dragons, and magic! Alright, I’m still working on the 2nd one but in the mean time, they can expect me to give them the best inside experience with anything I cover and in the most fun way possible.”

We’re looking forward to it. Please join us in congratulating the winner of the CalvinAyre.com Reporter Contest, Dana Workman.