Becky’s Bender: Why you must be at the iGaming SUPER Show in Dublin!


igaming_super_show_leprechaunIts about that time to start thinking about green outfits, causing mischief, making shoes, collecting coins, and hiding pots of gold at the end of the rainbow…and drinking! Bring on leprechauns and the iGaming SUPER Show 2011, all taking place in Dublin, Ireland May 24-26.

igaming_super_show_logoThere are so many amazing things happening at this event that the best advice I can give you is to start detoxing NOW and to pay your own way if your company won’t send you!

This is THE must attend event of the year for a variety of reasons including sheer number of attendees and booths, the presence of senior level iGaming execs, juicy sessions, networking opps, and most importantly Calvin Ayre’s 50th birthday & 1 year anniversary BLOW OUT.

No, I’m not biased. You have my word. The Calvin Ayre party will be the best party of the year- if not, of your entire iGaming career- so you better not miss this!!

Before we get into the blowout party details, lets touch upon some of the other reasons why the iGaming SUPER Show will be the biggest and best show that has ever been done in iGaming.

We all know that iGaming Business is the king of iGaming affiliate conferences. The SUPER Show combines the affiliate industry with b2b, and for Dublin in 2011, iGB has brought on the very experienced Nancy Krause of Best Bet Consulting to help organize the b2b side of the show and improve the set up from last year.

igaming_super_show_lunchIn even more efforts to take care of the b2bers, iGB arranged a boozy Thanksgiving lunch for b2b exhibitors, an opportunity for the organizers to talk with their delegates and learn what specifically provides value to them at conferences. Some of the suggestions included an online meet up system, access to exhibitor contact info after the show, the presence of sports rights managers, teams and leagues, entrepreneurs, bankers/analysts and investors from VC organizations, one room for all exhibitors and the presence of Angelina Jolie. Unfortunately Angelina is unable to make it, but iGB has promised to provide each and every one of the other above suggestions.

And now for the parties. iGB is arranging an exclusive VIP event on Thursday, 26 May, for the most senior delegates, b2b exhibitors and their top clients. This VIP event is a perfect opportunity for some high level networking before getting really drunk with the more junior affiliate crowd. Stay tuned for more details about this event, and in the meantime, here’s something that all SUPER Show delegates are invited to…

calvin_ayre_launch_partyCalvin Ayre’s 50th birthday & 1 year anniversary party. For those of you who made it to the launch party last year in Prague, you know you’re in for a treat. The 2011 party is going to be even bigger, better, crazier and messier, everyone is invited and! We will be inviting a lot of hot girls. We’re talking a themed, “interactive theatre” guys, and please trust me when I say the 2011 Calvin Ayre party will be a night that you will never forget, or will never remember