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genting-super-heroesOver here at we can say that we offer a lot to the iGaming community. If you want to see which one of your colleagues got the most drunk at the last industry party, it’s here. In addition, if you can’t remember much of the last conference you went to, we’ll likely have reviewed it. Three hopefuls even have the chance to start working for us! Unfortunately, we can’t offer you the chance to become a super hero – the closest we have to that is Calvin’s entrance at this year’s iGaming Super Show.

Up until recently, the best chance to become a super hero was to head into town to buy spandex and a superman T-shirt. is the answer when it comes to super heroes though. Their popular Marvel-branded slots games, such as the Fantastic Four and Hulk, are giving players the chance to win at least £1,000 per week. Genting have stated that players can “become their own caped crusader.” What more motivation do you need?

“There is also a £500,000 Superhero Jackpot still up for grabs and that would really make Christmas go ‘kerpow’,” read a statement from


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