Still no clearer who won Eastgate’s bracelet


eastgate-braceletAround two weeks ago, the poker world was awoken to the sounds of Tony G’s dog Zasko howling for his owner. He was crowing as his normal dog collar had gone all moldy and man’s best friend wanted some doggy bling. He’d seen other poker player’s companions wearing bling and he wanted his own. Not one to back down from a potential contest, Tony G headed straight for eBay where he found Peter Eastgate’s WSOP bracelet was up for grabs.

Never mind the fact that Tony G has never won a WSOP title, but his best friend wanted it so he’d have it. So he thought. His original estimate of $17,500 was pretty far below the mark, and the bracelet ended up going for almost $150,000. Now that would have been some serious dling for Zasko.

What Mr G’s final bid was we’ll never know but in his latest blog, he claims it was into six figures. Chilipoker’s Alex Dreyfus is one man that apparently didn’t win it, after Mr G threatened to set the guards on him, and this was all after they’d banned Zasko from the Aussie Millions anyway.

So the speculation will go on as to who won the bracelet, but it did in turn seem to set off a “lets all rush to eBay” panic amongst those in the world of poker. I’m now hedging my bets that one of the Russian or Qatari delegation bought the bracelet for Sepp Blatter. Well they weren’t going to go for Eskimo Clark’s bashed up version, were they?!