Microgaming and Spin 3 apping out

Just playing catch up to the likes of 32Red and Bwin among other major players, now Microgaming is getting in on the mobile gambling gangbang.

Microgaming has announced the launch of its own mobile gaming application being made available for the iPhone iPad and iPod. Expansion plans for the app are on the horizon, but for the time being, only those lucky chaps residing in the UK will have access to the this app.

The reviews are already in on the products, well, sort of, depending on who talk to, that is if you’re listening to Matti Zinder, Head of Spin3, he’s saying “It further demonstrates Spin3’s ability to develop engaging consumer apps and help our mobile casino clients meet the demand for mobile gambling services and applications.”

Together with Spin 3, Microgaming have developed a rather attractive gambling app and an attractive user interface. Spin3 Poker Tips will help both basic and advanced players improve their tactics and knowledge of the game through hundreds of expert tips and an interactive quiz.

I have a slight problem with this app. It could be increasing the level of competition in poker and for shitty players like myself and others, we could fall further behind, especially if the people the shitty poker players take money from become better players, then what? I’ll tell you, we’ll all have to get that damn app just to level the playing field!