Victor Chandler puts its poker players Entraction, Cake has the Power

victor-chandler-entraction-cake-powerThere is no ‘i’ in team, and there is no Victor Chandler in the iPoker Network. Not any more, at least. As of next month, the Gibraltar-based bookies are taking their million-player database over to Sweden’s Entraction Poker Network. Whether the exclusive multi-year addition of VC will help plug Entraction Holding AB’s leaky boat, at least now we understand why Entraction’s CEO was making noises about ‘increased liquidity’.

Meanwhile, PowerPoker is the first addition to the Cake Poker Network under Cake’s snazzy new Malta License, which will allow Cake to market their wares in the UK alongside all the big boys. No doubt the Power folks (last seen contributing to the delinquency of a Paris Hilton) couldn’t resist the persuasive techniques of the savvy business minds that devised the Tuesday Two Hundred. We know we couldn’t.