Dragonfish launches joint network in France

dragonfishToday marked the day that everyone at Dragonfish had all been waiting for. No, it wasn’t the release date of the results that came from the study on whether a dragon was in fact a fish. It wasn’t even the announcement that 888 not 666 was in fact the number of the beast, or that it had become the worldwide emergency services number. None of the above I’m afraid. Wednesday 10th November is the day that Dragonfish announced poker site Poker Subito has gone live in France. It’s ok save the fanfare for later, I know you all left them at home.

888.com’s award winning B2B division has teamed up with the Microgaming powered Prima Networks Ltd to provide the new joint venture. It will offer a cabinet of games, multiple tournaments, and a fully customized poker solution. MD at Dragonfish, David Zerah, also hopes that the unique nature of the network will make it a winner.

“The launch of each new partner helps to grow our French poker network as we seek to build market share. Through appealing to the more casual poker player, Poker Subito offers players something different, and we look forward to working with them to help maximize its potential. We have several more partners in the pipeline and look forward to making further announcements in the near future,” he said.

Alongside the Poker Subito launch will come an aggressive marketing campaign in the coming months in order to increase their share of the distinctive French market further.