The Borrowers favourite company launches new product

the-borrowersTheir name, Microgaming, suggests that by continually announcing new tie-ups they have ideas well above their station. To hear about another deal for the self-proclaimed “world’s largest provider of online casino software” is no surprise to those of us in the know. In order to prove the people who look no further than the name this is what they have to do though.

Today sees the launch of Pachislo and Pachinko, both of which will be designed to a unique specification by Microgaming. Pachinko in particular is Japanese in origin and it’s not yet been decided whether it will take on the style of late-90s and 00s TV show Banzai.

“This latest proposition demonstrates our commitment to exploring new markets and tailoring our offering to an increasingly diverse range of operators and players,” commented Mike Hebden, Head of Casino at Microgaming. “We have worked hard to ensure that our new portfolio of games captures the sights, sounds and game logic of authentic Pachislo and Pachinko games, and we’re extremely confident they will prove a hit with players all around the world.”

After being accused by the Colonel himself of taking people away from his chicken restaurants to gamble, a new game will be bad news for the man and his secret recipe. Just have to start serving…KFF. That’s Kentucky Fried Fish to you and me.