Gold Cards for sale as Cake Poker launches The Exchange

cake-gold-cards-exchangeCake Poker has launched The Exchange, a system that allows players to buy and sell Gold Cards. Gold Cards are randomly distributed to one Cake player per table whenever that table reaches a predetermined rake amount. The cards, which can be used as buy-ins to exclusive daily satellites and prize pool events, vary in value and may accrue value over time. We like to think of Cake Players fanning out their collection like kids at recess comparing sets of baseball or hockey cards. ‘Need him, got him, need him…’

Casual players not interested in tournament play now have a viable option for what to do with their Gold Card collection. Cake’s Lee Jones says he’s more jazzed about The Exchange than any online poker promotion he’s seen in seven years, but then again, he works there, so he’s somewhat biased. Still, in its first week of operation, The Exchange has seen some 66k Gold Cards change hands, so it seems Jones isn’t the only fan The Exchange has made since its debut.