The Poker Channel and GSN partner for High Stakes

In a move that will allow the Poker Channel exclusive TV and online rights to three seasons of High Stakes Poker across Europe, the Game Show Network and the Poker Channel have come to terms with a three year license agreement.

The specific terms of the agreement will allow the Poker Channel to broadcast the High Stakes Poker show seasons 2,3 and 4 across 30 European countries including Russia, Germany, the UK and France. The agreement also allows online access where the shows can be viewed after the initial broadcast, while also expanding the broadcasts into Scandinavian countries like Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Poker Channel managing director Chris White said in the release, “High Stakes Poker is arguably the most popular poker show of all – and deserves a permanent place in our prime time schedule in all 30 countries,”

The Poker Channel has been credited with facilitating the explosion of poker interest in Europe and continues to expand including new distribution to all TV subscribers of UPC Direct in Hungary, UPC Direct in Czech Republic, Focusat in Romania, and Vodafone in Portugal. Starting Sunday 7th November at 2200, The Poker Channel will give High Stakes Poker a permanent home in its prime time schedule, with one new episode airing every week. The Poker Channel will now be the first TV channel to broadcast any High Stakes Poker series in Netherlands, Ireland, Iceland, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Greece, Cyprus, Malta and Latvia.