Who cares if Rand Paul worships Aqua Budah?

I suppose when running for election in the bible belt of Kentucky using religion as way to destroy an opponent’s character is fair game, at least that’s what the Democrat Jack Conway thought. In what is being termed as one of the nastiest debates, Conway assaulted the Republican Rand Paul on the transgressions of his weed smoking college days from allegations made in a GQ article. Paul was so furious after the debate he refused to shake Conway’s hand.

According to the GQ article, while attending Baylor University, Paul allegedly while high as a kite, kidnapped a woman and forced her to worship his god, which was known as Aqua Budah. So what? The man was in college, that was 30 years ago, who really cares? I’m sure most politicians did keg stands and tag teamed girls drunk girls after bong hits, who cares? Politicians are real people and do things that real people do, short of killing a man or being a part of the Aryan Nation, I personally could care less about a politician’s college days.

Conway clearly felt that it was a character shot, but the bottom line is that these allegations are both unfounded and have nothing to do with real issues. Needless to say, and perhaps fittingly, Paul took the HIGH road in the debate and accused Conway of running a smear campaign.

It should almost go without saying that if everyone’s college life was pulled out into the open, there would and should be several things on most of our resumes that may be considered unsavory, it’s part of HIGHER learning, so to speak.

This is what happens when religion is used as a tool to destroy, it always blows up in your face. Religious leaders have wrongly taken stances against online gambling for years on religious grounds which has done nothing but bring attention to the many social wrongs committed by so- called religious leaders. Conway may have cost himself the election, the smear campaign may have exposed his character more than Paul’s and the polls are already showing a significant 7 point lead for Paul.

Interestingly enough, though Paul hasn’t openly taken a stance on online gambling, he’s one Republican that may very well support it if his beliefs are in line with his father’s. His father, Texas Congressman Ron Paul has been an ally for online gambling and co-sponsored a bill with Democrat Barney Frank to legalize Web betting.