Will rising libertarian sentiment in U.S. benefit online gambling?

Will the rising libertarian wing of the Republican party finally wrest control from the social conservatives that have dictated party policy for so long? These people seem to think so. Does Rand Paul’s securing the Republican nomination for the Senate race in Kentucky suggest a national trend?

Paul is a staunch libertarian, beyond hawkish on fiscal matters, but far less concerned with the traditional so-con wedge issues, such as opposition to gay marriage, immigration and online gambling. Paul enjoyed strong Tea Party backing, but Tea Partiers outside Kentucky aren’t ready to divorce themselves from so-called family values just yet. Meanwhile, actual libertarians like John Stossel are even praising Barney Frank for battling the UIGEA, and it’s hard to think of Sarah Palin’s followers having anything nice to say about any Democrat.

Finally, in the name of balance, here’s an entirely different perspective on the ‘evils of socialism’.

And hey, just so we don’t come off here like we think we’re Meet The Press or anything, as a reward for making it all the way through the above commentary, here’s Jamie Lee Curtis’ boobies in their prime.