Microgaming unveils new game collection

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dolp tigerWhat do monsters, tigers, dolphins, and a load German beer have in common apart from the fact that were you to combine them all it would make a party that would blast anything the Playboy has on offer out of the water? It’s not even the opinion that were you to have this group behind then you’d always win in a fight. Honestly though, can you think of a better group? The monsters, tigers and dolphins will do all the work, while the beer will make you feel like you can take on the world.

None of this really has anything to do with Microgaming’s new set of slots games, which will be loosely based on the four items mentioned earlier. Dolphin Coast is a five reel video slot that gives you multiple underwater-themed ways to win. Monsters In The Closet, which sounds like a straight to DVD gay porn movie, is much the same, the line-up being completed by Tiger’s Eye which could again be mistaken for one of a DVD of some kind, and Steinfest.

The games will be released this month, along with a limited edition set of coins to commemorate the occasion (maybe that last part’s made up).


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