Budapest Affiliate Conference Opening Night Party

free drinks until midnight sponsored by LAC

And…. They’re off! The iGaming industry has started their run on a 3-day bender that began tonight at Creol Bar. The opening night party for the Budapest Affiliate Conference was sponsored by the London Affiliate Conference. iGaming Business sure does know how to treat the industry – free drinks until midnight!!!!

The evening started out somewhat mellow, a resident magyar DJ kicked off the evening with some old skool hip hop, then ventured to some solid house beats. This was right about the time when the party’s attendees became enamored with the 12 ft. feather lamp hanging from the ceiling at the main entrance — it seemed almost everyone had to stand on a chair to touch it.

Although still bustling inside, what we couldn’t figure out is why half the party was outside on the street because you can smoke inside the restaurants and bars in Budapest (and the smell of my shirt right now can attest to that). Perhaps what drew these folks out into the quite balmy fall evening is that you can drink open alcohol on the street here, something you can’t do in my country.

There was poker footage playing on the wall – very fitting. And an odd presence of females at this party, and I’m not talking promo models, I’m talking working-in-the-industry hotties!

All said and done, it was a fantastic evening – and this is just the beginning. If you were at the party (then chances are you had a good time) and you’re hung over tomorrow, fret not, because Adnan from ComeOn apparently has “a huge box” of Treo painkillers that he’ll be giving out tomorrow on the conference floor. Stop by the booth — F14 — and we’ll make sure you get hooked up!

Checkout the Picture Gallery & the DAF award at the Budapest Affiliate Conference Opening Night Party.