Poker site isn’t that GR88 after all

gr88When it was announced that “online gaming juggernaut” GR88.COM were taking over the number one campus poker site, you’d think that the wording may suggest that you’d have heard of them, right? Well at least one of them, surely? Oh that’s a negative too. Well ok, we’ll try and explain as best we can what the deal means.

GR88 are a struggling US facing poker casino site, headed up by an ex-Canadian Indie band manager Peter Karroll, and have announced that they’re taking over another site that nobody’s heard of. It was rumoured that they were also in the running to take over at one point as well, and the company GR88 (pronounced great8…as in grade 8 we think) is best known for its bungled attempts at entering the Asian market, where they spent a lot of money and pulled out when they realized they hadn’t a clue what they’re doing.

They go on to state that they’ve got industry experience but the evidence of this is rather thin on the ground, as is the information on them actually knowing how to run an online gaming company – maybe why they’ve decided to run the US facing business out of a condo in Vancouver. We can safely say that it might not be the best idea to do any business with this group. If you decide to take up the poison chalice – exercise extreme caution.