APCW Perspectives Weekly

Too many optimistic headlines about Frank’s online gambling bill, J Todd drops knowledge on why industry professionals shouldn’t get their hopes up on this bill passing anytime soon. And Sportingbet shows why money can buy you happiness, especially when Uncle Sam is selling it. Sportingbet reaches a multi-million dollar settlement with the US to essentially let bygones be bygones…Perhaps not coincidentally, their stocks skyrocketed before the ink could even dry on the agreement.

It’s the same old story in Kentucky, as the hillbillies in suits are at it again trying to lock down domain names and pound gavels like upset babies. Let’s see, bill unlikely to pass, operator paying off US government, Kentucky after domain names, yup, the more things change, the more they stay the same, everything sounds just about stat quo! Now that Uncle Sam got his taste, he wants all banks in the United States to report all money transfers into and out of the United States, that’s a lot of paperwork, so much for banker’s hours.