Blackberry introduces gamechanger with Blackberry Playbook

TAGs: Blackberry Playbook, Ipad, Research In Motion

Research in Motion, the Canadian maker of the Blackberry, just introduced it’s new mobile computer called the Blackberry Playbook early this week at a developer’s conference in Bay area. Right away the Playbook will be competing with the iPad for market share, and given the timing of the release, it will certainly be a game of catch up.

Here’s the thing, people aren’t buying the playbook and the iPad and these gadgets so they can catch up on emails or finish up some extra work that they couldn’t get done at the office. There’s a reason Blackberry is calling it the Playbook, it’s a entertainment device. And while this mean so plainly obvious, the implications of technology moving in this direction are vast for the online gambling industry.

Online gambling companies need to be all over this sector and on top of developing software and games for all of these new entertainment devices. Think people will love to play poker or gamble online on their playbook? Of course they will, just as much as they’ll want to on their iPad, iphone and well… you get the message.


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