teams with ThorDC for carbon neutrality is neutral & makes no impression …and urges the online gambling industry to aim for the same!

Thor Data CentreInternet companies use alot of energy, in fact all companies use alot of energy but with servers and data centres us internet guys are right up there when it comes to leaving a dirty footprint. But that doesn’t have to be that way., similar to Google’s initiatives in this area, has moved its operations to Iceland and utilises THORDC which offers companies a cost-effective way of doing the right thing. Due to the physical and natural elements in Iceland along with the data centre design, THORDC is the most eco-friendly data center in the world. By using the free-cooling elements in Iceland the power utilization is very efficient.

Bodog founder and the eponymous creator of stated:

“Since I have taken a back seat from directly running companies I have been busy setting up a charitable foundation which has an ecological arm and this led me to scour the world for natural solutions to man-made problems.

This is something I am deeply committed to and in the first instance I will be moving all non-gaming sites I have a connection with to Iceland including my personal foundation site.”

He continued: “Nature has a mind-blowing amount of powerful resources that we constantly ignore despite being on our doorstep. I mean paying fortunes and using man-made, emission-rich cooling systems is not just total insanity, its also commercially naive.

Thor Data Center

The online gaming industry is one of the biggest commercial players on the web right now and its an industry I support wholeheartedly. The industry has many ill-informed detractors but I hope in areas that really matter rather than moral hyperbole we can show other industries the way forward in lowering our carbon footprint with solutions that are not just accessible but also competitive. There is a myth that ecological solutions are expensive and I hope’s move to Iceland will be the first of many moves to ensure that egaming can show its pioneering side in a new area.”

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About is the global destination for online gambling news, lifestyle information, conferences, industry shakers, sexy girls, and event coverage. is a not-for-profit website, aims to be completely carbon neutral and will encourage other players in the online gaming industry to follow this philosophy. All profit generated from this site goes to support initiatives of the Calvin Ayre Foundation.



At, we can’t understand why people are frightened by new ideas – it’s the old ones that frighten us.

Created in 2005, the Bodog licensing enterprise is a branded venture capital and licensing organization headquartered in the Caribbean nation of Antigua, with business development offices in London, England. holds the global rights to license the Bodog brand across all sectors, with a mandate to partner with and/or license the brand to carefully selected licensees to accelerate partner growth, while simultaneously extending the Bodog brand into new and adjacent markets. Current licensees are involved in an array of products and services worldwide, including online gaming, music, and other entertainment properties. In 2010, the Bodog brand acquired the global gaming brand, which will provide additional licensing opportunities in many jurisdictions. represents a new way of thinking – one that allows entrepreneurs to control their own destinies and their teams to retain the innovation and passion that makes their businesses hum, but also lets them harness the momentum of a global brand to take their success to the next level. Every licensee that succeeds lifts the others, as the brand strength and recognition snowballs.

About Thor Data Centre:

THORDC is powered with clean renewable hydroelectric and geothermal energy sources, and offers unique value proposition for companies that demand reliant and cost effective hosting service in a 100% green environment producing no carbon footprint. For this reason the data centre uptime and PUE are crucial KPI’s. All the energy supplies in Iceland are sustainable, coming from either geothermal or hydroelectric power plants.