Two years to go till London, no Dwain though

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Usain BoltThis time in two years time England will have overcome Germany in the final of the Euros and we will be eagerly awaiting Dwain Chambers’ triumph in the 100 metre sprint final in a packed Olympic Stadium, shortly to be occupied by the ‘Ammers.

Back to the real world though, and this week marks two years to the London Olympic Games, but this week also sees controversial sprinter Chambers compete for gold in the European Championships in Barcelona.

Chambers, though, wont be present at the summer Olympics in his home country due to the lifetime ban he received due to a positive drugs test earlier in his career, but it’s a little harsh to have him banned from Olympic events for the rest of his life, isn’t it?

Here’s the plan then…

It’s 2012 and you’ve got the Olympic Games (am I allowed to use that without a copyright?), and the Paralympics both taking place one after the other in London’s East End, but where does that leave people like Chambers? Can they win a Gold medal in the summer of 2012? If the organisers allow it, which they unequivocally wont, why not stage a games purely for athletes who have taken, or wish to take, performance enhancing drugs?

This, of course, goes against all morality and the ethics of sport but are you saying you wouldn’t want to see a 100m sprint ran in sub five seconds? How about high-jump competitors having springs medically inserted to achieve a competitive height of five metres? It really would be quite something.

dwain chambersIt would even give us the chance to see how fast Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson could actually go. Johnson would easily be lured out of retirement with this kind of an offer, and how could he resist trying to out-run Jamaican Usain Bolt in a clash of the Olympic Champion, and the rebel-Olympic Champion? The man famous for his celebrations, against the man famous for racing a horse and carriage. The mis-match of the century some might say, but you could even see Bolt beating Johnson however much the Canadian sprinter put into his body.

Unfortunately, for the intrigued folk like myself, the likelihood of this happening is probably the same as the Orioles winning the World Series this summer. Not on your nelly!

What’s to look forward to at the Bore-lympics then? In all honesty it could be the lowest amount of medals ever won by a home nation, we haven’t even got enough money to fix any of the showpiece events, and Chambers ain’t allowed in. Can we not just buy Bolt from the Jamaicans? Oh ok then, guess it doesn’t work like soccer. My bad.

The event every Brit most wants to win though? Obviously the Olympic Soccer tournament with a team under the Great Britain banner, to show the youngsters really are coming through. Although it’s unlikely to involve players from the other nations, we’ve done well in recent youth championships so why not. We’ve got more chance of that than the 100m gold, and it’s on home soil. It will also provide the plastics with a chance to call us world champions of a sort – unlikely to find its way into Baddiel and Skinner’s choral offering for 2014 in Brazil though. Not even close!


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