Psychic octopus has nothing on psychic Ed Pownall

TAGs: 2010 world cup, german octopus

OctoEd or Hindu deity?

Sure, everyone’s talking about that ‘psychic’ German octopus that correctly tapped Spain to kick Die Deutschen to the curb in Wednesday’s World Cup semi-final match. But Ed Pownall, Bodog’s global PR director, went one better by not only predicting a Spanish victory, but correctly identifying the final 1-0 score as well. Pretty impressive for a human being, at least, that’s what we initially thought. Then we looked at that Reuters clip a little closer, and realized that Ed appears to be speaking from a spot located somewhere in the middle of the River Thames! Seriously, has anyone actually counted Ed’s limbs? More importantly, is Octo-Ed picking Spain or Holland in Sunday’s final? View more.


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