Sportingbet wants U.S. prosecutors to know it’s very, very sorry

Sportingbet has been conducting ‘negotiations’ with American authorities, trying to work out a PartyGaming-style settlement that would protect the company and its officers from the threat of David Carruthers-style prosecution for having the audacity to take bets from Americans pre-UIGEA.

Sportingbet execs seem to be hoping that playing nice with the DoJ now will put it on the shortlist for that magical day when America throws open its arms and embraces legal online gambling, but seriously, Tiger Woods probably has a better shot at making up with Elin than Sportingbet has of legally taking bets from Americans. If/when America does decide to go down that route, it will be American firms that get the nod, not some damn Limey furriners.

Or perhaps Sportingbet is just hoping some deep-pocketed hedge fund will come along and buy them out, and that removing the threat of prosecution would be the final touch of lipstick that gets this girl to the altar? Read more.