Which league rules the roost in terms of Game 7 intensity?

The NHL finals are already upon us, and the NBA tips off its final series on Thursday. Both are best-of-seven series, and long time fans of both sports are well accustomed to the white knuckle intensity that comes when a hard-fought, drawn-out battle goes the distance, and all the bragging rights comes down to that one final game. Each sport’s fans would claim that their Game 7’s are more nail-biting than the other’s, so who’s right? (Technically, this debate also includes Major League Baseball, but since that final is months away, I say fuck ’em.) Join the debate and cast your vote for the sport that makes your sphincter cinch the tightest.

And if that’s not enough arbitrary argument for you, try this on for size: with the Lakers up for another NBA championship, who’ll end their career with the most rings — Kobe or Michael? Make your opinion known.