Aussie senator: gov’t determined to impose internet filter

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So, despite the Australian gov’t having announced that it was rethinking its proposed internet filter, it seems that in this case, ‘rethinking’ means ‘thinking the same thing again’. Aussie Senator Stephen Conroy has now stated that “this is a policy that will be going ahead” and claims 85% of Australian ISP’s “would welcome the filter.” However, one of the ISP’s cited by Conroy, iiNet, which has in past referred to the plan as ‘ridiculous’ and ‘stupid’, has refuted Conroy’s remarks by stating that the only thing it ‘welcomes’ is the government opening up the process to public consultation. Makes you wonder what kind of tinfoil hat ‘filter’ Conroy put his stats through to arrive at his alleged 85% support figure. Read more.


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