(UPDATED) CalvinAyre.com Launch Party Aftermath!

CalvinAyre.com launch party

CalvinAyre.com launch party

Soooo, tonight was quite possibly the best party of the entire year when it comes to igaming conference party history. Thank god for automatic spell check when it comes to writing because that goddamn absinthe bar has caused me to hallucinate and barely read my computer screen as a try to recollect my night right now at 6am.

The night began with getting frisked at the door by scary looking dudes who mimicked the apocolyptic Mad Max movie, complete with guns, pith helmits, axes, midgets and all. If the live pigs, barrels on fire and dead pigs on a spit on the outside of the party venue did not do it for you, there were plenty of mud wrestling women, an impersonating Tina Turner, a Djing Bob Rains and a diamond studded Calvin Ayre on the inside to keep you entertained throughout the night.

After the fucking weird but yet extremely cool party came to a close, the majority of the crowd took a quick cab ride to Darling, a local strip bar which allowed Michael Caselli, Bob Rains, and Calvin to take a quick trip up on stage, and for me to take a nice quick picture of the guys on stage before we were chased off. Before sneaking off for the evening, I did take quick trip upstairs to the “private show area” with some poker pros that will remain nameless, but I was kicked out pretty much immediately as soon as they saw that I was not a lesbian. Dammit! Next time, I guess.

Check out the pictures, DAF award recipient Chris Costigan and a sneak peak of the upcoming video for the party. Ayre Heads Wrestling in Chocolate!

UPDATE: We added a ton of new pictures to the gallery from the launch party, go check them out!