domain sold for $5.5M, buyer still a mystery

OldLadySlotsThe online gaming industry is abuzz with the news that, the second most valuable generic gaming domain (after, has been sold at auction for U.S. $5.5M. Industry analysts say that is even more valuable than since the market for slots is a lot bigger than poker. No other generic gaming brand would even come close.

It’s reported that the domain recently sold for $10M US, making the $5.5M purchase of one of the most astute purchases in the history of the online gaming industry. It’s clear that the domain’s current traffic numbers (est. 15,000 unique visitors per day) are not nearly where they could be in the hands of a team that knows how to optimize for the consistently large ‘slots’ searches. When details emerge on the identity of the purchaser and their plans for the domain, you’ll find all the info right here on Read more.