Liv Boeree crowned poker queen of San Remo

TAGs: EPT San Remo, Liv Boeree

Boeree rocks

Boeree rocks

Hot on the heels of Vanessa Helbst and Annie Duke, English poker player Liv Boeree has become the latest female to triumph in a main event. This particular poker follower has been monitoring Boeree closely. Restraining order closely. But then it’s hard not to notice this young rock chick, who likes astrophysics, heavy metal and givng the boys a good, erm, beating. As Roxette once said, she got the look. She also got the brains. And now she got €1,250,000 burning a hole in those skin-tight leather trousers. So she’s going to “buy a new house and make a lot of noise in it”. Can only imagine how, Liv. Can only imagine how… Read more.


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